The Abraxas Group
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Prodution/Post Production Services:
The Abraxas Group
28330 Linda Vista St.
Canyon Country, CA 91387
Tel. 661 309-2071
Rick Taylor -
Property Management:
The Abraxas Group
28330 Linda Vista St
Canyon Country, CA 91387
Tel. 661 299-5184
Cell 661 309-2520
Moira Cleary -
For information concerning prices, fees, and scheduling through the Abraxas Group contact Moira Cleary or Rick Taylor as shown above.
Booking, Cancellation, and Payment Policies
The Abraxas Group
1. Booking confirmations and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to session time. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation charge.
2. Bookings on "Hold" once challenged and confirmed are bought. If canceled, the charge will be for the full length of booking. Last minute substitute "fill in" work will not be accepted.
3. If the time can be sold, we will remove the charge. If only partially sold, we will bill only the difference.
4. There is a 4 hour minimum charge for each booking. Charges will be time +1/2 after eight hours, double time after 12 hours.
4. Morning shifts start at 10:00AM. If an earlier time is required, it must first be cleared with The Abraxas Group.
5. All bookings must be scheduled with The Abraxas Group. No client schedule is implied to be covered by our company unless contractually established.
6. Invoices will be submitted weekly and are due upon receipt. Due to problems in the past, The Abraxas Group will make no exceptions.
7. Payments to The Abraxas Group will not be accepted from client payroll. We are a company, not an individual. All withholding and other payroll obligations are handled at our end.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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