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Commercial Credits

Most of the listed were recurring national accounts unless otherwise indicated or obviously not national. This list is incomplete due to my lack of memory and the fact that I have just begun to keep track of credits. Other names will pop up as I remember them and as new clients are added.

Cars and Trucks

Southern California Ford Dealers
Ford Trucks

Food and Beverage

Mc Donald's
Carrow's (Regional)
El Torrito (Regional)
Ruth's Chris Steak House
Kellogg's (Various Brands)
Post (Various Brands)
General Mills (Various Brands)
Rice a Roni
Mc Ilhenny Tabasco
Jack in the Box
Heileman Old Style


Mattel (Various)
Ertl (Various)
Galoob (Various)


The Principal (Insurance)
Southwestern Bell
Bell Atlantic
Korean Air
Hawaiian Air
Western Airlines
Air Cal

Editorial Clients

The Reel Thing of California
Steve Ho
Adventure Film
The Film Place
Rye Films
Straight Cut
Santiago & Assoc.
Film Core
Nonlinear Films
Coast Special Effects
Boss Films
Dream Quest


Worked with all large advertising agencies in the U.S. and Mexico as well as regional agencies from around the U.S. I have worked with talented people from other countries that include; Japan, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Panama, and Holland.
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Features and M.O.W.s

The Visitation (HD)
Eve Of Destruction (HD)
A Gathering of Old Men
Walking Shadow: A Spenser Mystery (HD)
Stevens Get Even
Soul Patrol
Cadet Kelly
Ring of Endless Light
The Jennie Project
Jumping Ship
The Poof Point
Tru Confessions
Halloweentown II
'Twas The Night
The Red Sneakers (HD)
Luck of the Irish
The Ultimate Christmas Present
Ozzfest (HD to Film)
Ego Trip (animation)
Kate's Addiction
The Defenders: Taking the First
Circle of Passion
Blue Rodeo
Breaking Free
Family Blessing
Giving Up the Ghost
Isle of Lesbos
Never Ever
In Dark Places
Protected Wife
The Secret
Seduction of Innocence
Member of the Wedding
Night Sins
In My Sisters Shadow
Madonna: Truth or Dare (DVD)
Scattering Dad
Without a Trace
Cemetery Club (16x9 PAL)
Bastard out of Carolina
Hawk's Vengeance
Mark Twain and Me
The Ex
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
Odds Against Tomorrow
John Force: On the Edge (Documentary)
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Rio Conchos
No Escape (16x9 PAL)
Unfaithfully Yours
Breakheart Pass (16x9 PAL)

For TV Matters:

God's Little Acre
And Now The Screaming Starts
The Beast Must Die
The Incredible Melting Man
The Inspector General
The Baby
Horror Express
Crucible of Terror
The Sword of Monte Cristo
Dakota Lil
The Restless Breed
Rose of Cimarron
Cariboo Trail (spelling is correct)
The Magnificent Matador
D.I. Film Restoration at Lowry Digital:
You Only Live Twice
Live and Let Die
Peter Pan
Drums Along the Mohawk
Leave Her to Heaven
The Robe
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
How to Marry a Millionaire
Broken Arrow
Assault on Precinct 13
Brigham Young
Belle Starr
The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend
The Blue Bird
Blood and Sand
Captain From Castille
Centennial Summer
That Lady in Ermine
My Friend Flicka
Jesse James
Mother Wore Tights
On The Riviera
That Night In Rio
Swanee River
Lucky Star
Carmen Jones
The Egyptian
Oscar Winning Disney Short Subjects:
Grand Canyon
Ama Girls
Other Short Subjects:
Manhatta (MOMA Restoration)
Alphabet (David Lynch Short Subject)
3D Projects:
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
My Bloody Valentine
Wild Africa (IMAX 3D Digital Intermediate)
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Television Shows

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (HD Restoration)
Frosty the Snowman (HD Restoration)
Frosty Returns (HD Restoration)
Mission Impossible (Original Series HD Restoration, Season One)
Charmed (Six Seasons)
Samurai Jack (All)
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume One
I Dream of Jeannie (HD Restoration)
The Simpsons (Seasons 2 through 5 Restoration for DVD)
The Lord of the Rings: The Quest Fulfilled (2003)
V.I.P. (All)
PowerPuff Girls (1998-2002)
Kate Brasher (pilot)
Kiss Me Guido
Headliners and Legends (Woody Harrelson)
Wasteland (pilot)
Viper (1996-1999)
Dexter's Laboratory (1995-1998)
Quack Pack (All)
Aladdin (All)
Life With Louie
Happily Ever After (animation)
Lou Grant (Syndication)
Daniel Boone (Syndication)
Trapper John, M.D. (Syndication)
The 119 (Pilot)
I Survived a Disaster #3
I Survived a Disaster #4
World's Wildest Police Videos
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