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Moira Cleary has worked in Commercial Property Management since 1987. She has been responsible for all types of commercial property including office buildings, shopping centers, strip centers and industrial parks. She has managed over 1 million square feet of office and retail at a time and has overseen the management of large shopping centers in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Some duties of a commercial property manager includes: rent and PI increases, CAM billing and year end reconcilement, cash flow projections, budgets, commencement of legal procedures, contract review and negotiation, vendor contracts, reconcilement of tenant and landlord charges, billing and collections, accounts payable, lease preparation, negotiation and administration, building and site inspection, dealing with city officials and pulling permits, knowledge of safety, security, parking and building systems.
Moira has obtained a California Real Estate License.
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A few of the services that can be performed at your office, on site,
or in a satellite office are as follows:
Cam Reconcilement
Cash Flow Projections
Monthly Financial Reporting
Lease Abstract
Lease Preparation
Site Inspection
Budget Construction
Budget Review
Variance Reporting
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The following is a brief description of previous work experience.
1987 to 1989
Kornwasser & Friedman (now Price Reit) located in Fairfax district of Los Angeles. From Assistant to Manager. Worked with office buildings, local colleges, shopping centers, and property under development
1989 to 1992
Decron Management/Nagel Construction located on Sherman Way in Van Nuys. Commercial Property Manager for 7 separate properties in Southern California and two large shopping centers in Nevada. Worked on remodeling an office building, set up a tenant association on two properties, developed marketing information used to increase occupancy. Managed over 3/4 of a million square feet. Dealt with National clients/tenants along with a variety of international tenants. Received a commendation from a local neighborhood group in response to the efforts to keep certain properties in an attractive and safe condition.
1992 to 1993
The Trident Group located in West Los Angeles, near UCLA. Managed 42 separate properties which ranged from 10,000 square feet to 350,000 square feet. Mainly retail, as well as an office building in Beverly Hills, a large shopping center near Hollywood.
1993 to 1994
At home with family
1994 to 1995
CPMi, a large property management firm located in Long Beach, California which specialized in third party management. General Manager on a large 90 year old building in downtown Los Angeles, with over a million square feet of warehouse, retail, office and sweat shop usage. Tenants were international in scope and the client was a large local bank. Dealt extensively with third party reporting, keeping the client informed, collecting rents from errant tenants and initiating legal actions for the owners and dealt extensively with city officials and special task forces.
1995 to 1996
Sherman Oaks Galleria located in Encino, California. Worked on a temporary basis with the La Salle Partners as a tenant coordinator. In this position I worked with contractors, vendors and the tenants in coordinating the repair of earthquake damage and obtaining the information needed for a Earthquake Moment Detection Report. In addition I oversaw the executive suite, hiring and firing other temps, dealing with all tenant issues, assisted and worked on promotions for the center and for special yearly activities .
1996 to 2000
Abraxas Group, Inc. California. Consulting on different projects for commercial property owners. Worked as a freelance commerical mangement specialist which included: acting as a intern asset manager while company looked for candidate, lease abstracting, budgeting, collections, internal financial reporting
2000 to 2004
Westwood Financial Corporation., California. Special Projects Desks. Internal Financial Reporting, cash flow projections, budgets, year end CAM reconcilement, lease review, vendor contracts relating to payphones, owners monthly stock report.
2004 to 2006
Self Employed in West Virginia. Working remotely from West Virginia for commercial property managment firm in Califonia producing monthly financial reports, 2005 & 2006 budget preparation, 2004 & 2005 revised budgets, GL coding review.


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