Rick Taylor
Your Personal Colorist

Relationships are important in any business. In our business they are vital. Even though ours is a collaborative medium, those most visible on a given project live in a fish bowl. Consequently, one tends to work with people that can be trusted to treat a project as their own. It is not "just another job" to those whose livelihood and reputation depend upon a successful outcome. Nor should it be that to those whose job description puts them in a position to make or break a project. Rick has built lasting relationships over the years through his dedication to his clients and his attention to their needs. Rick's clients know that they can rely on him not just to be there, but to be an important part of any project they bring, anywhere they need him. He is their Personal Colorist. Commercials, features, television movies, cartoons. DI, 3D, tape to tape, negative, IP, Lo-con, reversal. Recent or restored. Rick will bring his creativity and 28 years of experience to complete your show the way you want it done. You too can have your own Personal Colorist by contacting Rick and trusting your project to him. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship.



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