Rick Taylor
Consulting Services


Color Correction/ Post / Digital Workflow/ Restoration/ 3D

A veteran of nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry, Rick has been involved with many exciting and varied projects. He "specializes" in commercials, episodic TV, features, MOWs, DI and digital restoration, on film and video. Rick refused to be pigeonholed or simply confined to the bay. His interest and thirst for knowledge put him in position to be involved with much more than simply color correction. As a private contractor, Rick is often the client's eyes, ears, and troubleshooter in the post environment. This requires extensive knowledge of all things post. As a colorist, he has to see a project through the eyes of the director or DP. Only in this way can Rick help an artist to realize their vision in the complex digital post environment. He can help you see your project through in a way few can.

Since 2005 Rick has been operating in a digital workflow environment exclusively. Working for Lowry Digital, Rick was involved in the restoration of titles like "The Robe", "Rashomon", "How to Marry a Millionaire", and "Leave Her to Heaven" among others. Rick's knowledge of older film systems and formats prove to be especially useful in the area of restoration. Many of the titles had disparate elements (original negative, separations, etc.) that needed to blend together. The texture match was accomplished through use of proprietary digital algorithyms but the color still had to be matched to complete the process. Rick was able to develop techniques for this by working closely with Lowry's scanning/ recording specialist and using the Baselight color correction system.

While the bulk of the projects have been film restoration, many of the titles have been 3D. Some meant for IMAX and some meant for HD using various starting points. The elements for these projects come from video (standard and HD), 35mm film, and data sources like Red and other types of digital capture.



A pioneer in visual effects for video and digital image compositing, Rick's experience actually predates the "desk top" era of digital VFX. Beginning in the mid-eighties, Rick joined Action Video and immediately began specializing in effects with his first client. Richard Taylor (no relation) found a knowledgeable partner in telecine by bringing his RCA spot to Action Video and Rick. Effects pioneer Richard Yuricich ("2001", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", Showscan), John Dykstra ("Star Wars", "Spider-Man"), and Peter Donen ("U-571", "The Bourne Identity") are a few of the many talented people that trusted their projects to Rick. Over the years, Rick has worked with many of the major effects houses including Apogee, Dream Quest, Boss Films, and Coast Special Effects to name a few. Working with Oscar® winner Jon Erland, Rick helped establish new methods for effects photography in film for the electronic environment.Although the current state of effects software and systems can cover a number of problems in the shoot, there is no reason to leave things to chance. Rick's valuable experience in effects will assist you in pre-production to cement the look of your visuals. On set, he'll assist with technical aspects of shooting film or video for visual effects and compositing. As your visual effects consultant, Rick will bring his creative talents and technical experience to bear to insure that your final visuals are the best that they can be.



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